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Dowally Album Cover design


Edinburgh, 2018, Commission

The band name ‘Dowally’ was inspired by a road sign leading to a mysterious village ‘over the hills’ that the band came across while driving at night. This, combined with the idea of their sound being the folk music ‘...from an imagined country, somewhere in a different world...’ was the starting point in the design discussions that I had with the band.


Once we had a rough idea for the cover artwork I immersed myself in Dowally's beautiful music and used elements from their lyrics and the atmosphere they provoked to form the landscape and the settlements found within. 

Dowally_Somewhere_Closed Spine_May_03_20
Dowally_Somewhere_Closed Spine_May_03_20
Dowally Sketch Ideas- small.jpg
Dowally Layout Idea 1 .jpg
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