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My Quarantine Comrades

A series of paintings that I produced in April 2020 during the height of the UK lockdown. I painted these while working remotely on the three-day-a-week painting course at The Leith School of Art. This series of work won the Friends of Leith School of Art Prize, 2020. 

Morag's Siesta 21.10.20.jpg

Morag's Siesta Oil painting

Inspired by my love of Henri Matisse and David Hockney's early work featuring elegant leafy interiors and patterned figures. This was painted in one sitting - working quickly and loosely in order to get it to a stage where I felt happy before my sister - Morag woke up from her nap.


I have two sizes of giclée prints available to buy of this painting. The link below takes you to the  A2 size but there is an A3 version also for sale on my etsy shop. 

Afternoon Zoom.JPG

Afternoon Zoom : Oil painting

For just over a week we were joined by the majestic bloom of an amaryllis flower. Its form and its relation to the figure provided a compositional focus for my works.  


Matt's Breakfast : Oil painting


Stalemate : Oil painting


Matt and the amaryllis : Oil painting

Midnight feasting

Midnight Feasting is a series of paintings that I created in February 2020.  The fluorescent light that hangs above my parent's kitchen worktop creates an intimate, almost stage-like space beneath it - most noticeable and dramatic at night. I'd not consciously noticed this before starting to paint. Activities revolving around the worktop and the variety of specially shaped tools and differently textured and coloured food that gather here become a domestic theatre.

2.1 B &W.jpg

Morag's Midnight Sandwiches No.1 : Oil painting


Morag's Midnight Sandwiches No.2 : Oil painting


Morag's Midnight Sandwiches No.3 : Oil painting


Dad's Midnight Sandwiches  : Charcol drawings

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